Creating Global Address Book and Mail Box in Webmail PRO
Posted by Gary Garber, Last modified by Gary Garber on 26 October 2007 06:18 PM

In versions 9.0 and higher the global address books are a little different to implement. In these versions you will be creating what is called a "Public Folder" in the Icewarp console under any created domain. In the console you will have options that you can define for each and every public folder created. You can use a public folder to share mail boxes, calendars, contacts, etc. For instance: You can have a public folder address and have members share this mailbox. So if you receive an email to that support address every member can see it and will be able to respond to it. In past versions this was not possible.

The public folder can also be specified to add all accounts listed as members into the public folder as groupware contacts automatically. The public folder would also allow these members to see the same calendar, tasks, share files, notes, and journal entries. There are many things the new public folder option can do for you and your users.

In order to create a public folder please follow the directions below.

  • First, open the Icewarp console and create the group account under the domain of your choice. **A shortcut is CTRL-G** You would choose the alias for the group which would also be the email address to contact the members of the group. You will specify a name for how the group would appear in webmail or Outlook, so in this case, Support would be the name.

  • Now that you have the group created, named and members added, you can choose to make the group password protected (On the Options tab), or create any rules you might want enforced (In the Rules Tab).

  • You now have to login to the Webmail PRO (/webmail) and go to [Options], [Sharing], [Public Folders] and check the folder you want to be shown. Once the folder is enabled for sharing you will see it display in the folder pane.

    You will now have a public folder showing for anyone you specified, and they will be able to share the email box, calendar items, tasks, and all other options associated with the public folder.