How To Create A Mailing List
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Creation of mailing list


If you want to send a mass mail to all clients, only clients of a specific domain, or just a comprised list of accounts, you can do this by setting up a mailing list. This mailing list can be told to mail all accounts listed on the server, with any message you desire.


To create this list go under a specific domain, or just the primary domain on the server if you are mailing to everyone on the box. When there hit [Control-M], this will open a blank mailing list window. You then need to name the mailing list, for example ( could be a name of the list. Now just continue to fill in the fields as specified, the owner is going to be whomever will manage and control the list. When you get to the [Source] field you can then choose from a few options, in the middle of the drop down menu you will see ( All System Users ), this will email everyone on the server. The other options depend on what you are looking to do with the mailing list, as you will see (All users in current domain), choose this if you want to only send the domain you are creating the mailing list under. If single users are chosen then whom ever is a member will show on the members tab.



  • The Members tab here.

Mailing List Members


With just the information you already have provided, the mailing list will work. The other tabs let you tweak the maintenance of the mailing list and also define other options, such as who the mail be returned to if someone reply's to the mail.


MailingList Members


You will see these fields under the [Message] tab, The first field lets you designate who the message will appear from, if you choose (Set to sender) then this will show who exactly sent the mail. So if you want the mail to not show coming from your personnel account you would not choose this option. The next option (Set to Value) will let you specify an address to show who the mail came from, for example, ( would show as the sender if you set the value to this address.

Mailing List Messages

The next field is for the reply mail, this is the same as the [From To] option in regards to the options in the drop down. Once again you can either set this to the sender of the message or define an address to accept the reply messages. The one difference being this, you can set a totally different address for the reply mails, then you defined as the sending address. So if you want the mail to show as coming from support but want have any reply sent to your inbox then you would [Set Value] as your address.


  • The next field is for you to define what you would like as a generic subject, if any. If you enter (From Support:) then this will precede any subject of the actual mail. So when composing the message you say "Please make sure to read the following" the subject would look as follows:
  • From Support: Please make sure to read the following
  • Using the generic subject is not needed, and does not have to be used.
  • You also want to make sure the box is checked for [Set recipient to To:Header], or it will show all mail coming from the mailing list itself.
  • The [Add to Subject] field let's you add custom headers. You can press F1 in the console to read more about the variables to do so.

Mailing list Messages 1

  • At the bottom of the window you can also specify to add a Header / Footer to the mailing list. If you already have these built you can click the box and it will let you navigate to the location of these files.

Mailing List HF


  • The next tab is security, this is to secure your mailing list, the first option is to [Only members can post new messages]. This option should be checked so noone but a member can send mail to the list. If this option is not checked anyone knowing the address can send messages to the list.

     Mailing List Security


The next option is if you want to make the list password protected. There are two choices, the first [Server Moderated]. If you choose this option you will need to then assign a password for the list. This will now take security of the list even higher, now even members would need to add the password to the subject of the message they are sending out. So if the pass was "mail" the subject would need to look as follows:

  • Subject: mail (then what subject you wish)
  • The password just needs to be the first thing entered, no quotes or variable are needed.

The difference between [Server Moderated], and [Client Moderated] is under the server moderation, any mail that is sent to list with either an incorrect password, or no password at all is sent directly to the owner of the list for conformation. This would go to their inbox and then they could choose whether the mail is legitimate or not, if they think it is, all they need to do is reply and the mail will go through to the list.


Mailing List Security Pass


  • If you choose [Client Moderated], if the password is not specified then the mail is sent back to the sender telling them they need to enter a valid password. This mail will not go to the owner to be approved.
  • The other options here are to [Allow Subscribers], this option will let you specify in a text file users that are allowed to join the list.
  • Next you have [Max Message Size], this let's you put a limit on the size of the message sent to the list. This will most likely stop anyone from trying to send a huge mail to the list which could cause a delay in performance or more serious problems.
  • The next option is [Deny Expn], this will prevent anyone from running an EXPN command to verify users on a mailing list, this will return the message "No such mailing list"


Mailing List Security 2



  • You then have the [Options] tab, here you can choose between several options. Most notably here you can set the number of messages to send to the list in one minute, this way if you have 1000 members you can slowly send the mail instead of sending 1000 mails at the same time. 

 Mailing List Options



  • The last tab is [Rules], here you can either black or white list mail, addresses, etc. This will work the same way as all other B/W lists on the server.

Mailing List Rules