How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Gateway in IM
Posted by , Last modified by on 12 April 2013 05:11 AM

Gateways, also known as Transports, are Jabber components used for interacting with other proprietary networks (instant messenger networks, E-mail/SMS, etc.).

Typically, gateways are used as translators between different types of instant messengers. If you use Jabber but a friend uses MSN,

you can use a MSN gateway that will allow you to send messages to and chat with, your friend on MSN.

If you want to add (Subscribe) another gateway, just click Add… in the IM panel of WebClient or right-click the empty space in the roster and select Subscribe Service.


On the Subscribe Service tab, select the gateway of your choice and double-click it or click the Register button. Optionally, you can fill in a name of the transport gateway into

the Private field (ask your administrator for the gateway name). On the next page, fill in the username and password for access to the gateway.


If you want to unsubscribe the service, just delete the gateway account from your roster.