Where is the Old WebAdmin Interface ?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 03:31 PM

As of Version 8 the Icewarp Mail server the WebAdmin Interface was completely re-written.

It is now similiar in structure to the Icewarp GUI desktop interface and its structure is completely XML driven, making it much faster than previous versions.

The HTML files are now located in a different folder (\merak\HTML\admin\ instead of \merak\\HTML\ ) so you need to use a different URL to access the new WebAdmin interface.


where "hostname" is the hostname or IP address of the server where the Icewarp Mail Server is running and "port" is the port that the Control / Web service is listening on.

In addition to the new WebAdmin a new Remote Administration Console has been introduced, downloadable here, which allows full remote Administration access of your Icewarp Email Server, using the same interface as the Icewarp Administration Console.