Quarantine reports are not delivered
Posted by , Last modified by Marek Puverle on 14 May 2015 08:18 AM

See the attached images and make sure you have the correct options enabled in the user's options. As well make sure that you have the From fields properly filled out in the quarantine section otherwise the emails come from a blank address. After all these things are setup properly then check through your quarantine list and see if you see emails coming from an address like <>@ with a subject of quarantine report. If you do see them in your quarantine then allow them to be delivered. Once this happens you should see the reports come through as well the future reports should work after this correction.

There is also a way to force the reports to be run. Follow these steps:

- open the Icewarp folders and go to: \Icewarp\html\challenge\inc\challengelist.php

Edit the 10th line from:

$debug = 0;
$debug = 1;

Save the file and open a web browser to this location:

You should see a script run and it will tell you a report about what accounts were updated and if there are any errors to report. At the very end you should see OK. If you see errors or do not receive quarantine reports to the accounts that have mail in the quarantine list, then contact support with a link to view the challengelist.html and we will see what else can be checked.