How to display a Global Address Book in Outlook
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By default, a user who sets his/her account in Outlook Connector and synchronizes can see only his/her own Contacts but Contacts from the Global Address Book are not shown there. To show such Contacts in user's Outlook you have to populate some special account such as with the Global Address Book and then the user has to set such account in Shared Accounts in Outlook to show the Contacts from the Global Address Book account.

To do that, follow the procedure:

1. Populate some special account with your Global Address Book

Create a new user account on your server (e.g. Go to WebMail logon as admin level account go to Settings - Administrator Settings.

Administrator Settings

There is an option Global groupware account. Fill in the address of created account.

Global GroupWare Account - filled

After saving changes, any Contact you fill in as personal Contact in the Address Book will be shown as a Contact in the Global Address Book for all other users.

Define the Contacts you want to have in your Global Address Book (if you already have the Contacts somewhere else use the Export/Import feature in the Address Book to move these Contacts).

2. Set the permissions (who can view/modify Global Address Book)

Logon WebMail as account and go to Settings - Calendar Settings.

Calendar Settings

Set My Friends according to your wishes. The help regarding the permissions and My Friends is in the Icewarp GroupWare manual - Sharing Settings section.

3. Set such account in Outlook Connector

If an appropriate user has permissions to have the Global Address Book shown then he/she can set special personal folders in MS Outlook to see such Contacts.

To do that follow these steps:

  • Click on the Icewarp GroupWare button - Properties.
  • Choose account that has a permission to access Global Address Book and click on the Change button.
  • Click Shared Accounts tab
  • Add there an email address of Global Address Book account

    GroupWare - Added Global Address Book Account In Outlook

Now a new personal folders will be shown in user's Outlook and after synchronization the Global Address Book will be shown in case the user has the permissions (see step 2 above).

You can even set different Global Address Book for each Virtual Host. To do that, just follow the same procedure with each virtual host separately. Click here to see more information about setting the Virtual Hosts.