SMTP Threads/Connections Hung/Open and not closing properly.
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SMTP Threads/Connections Hung/Open


If the Icewarp server is experiencing a large amount of incoming sessions that are not being released, (which fills up the SMTP connections and halts e-mail from being received), it is neccessary to turn on a special type of logging that will help support diagnose what is happening.



1) Enable the mail queue logging via API:
tool modify system C_System_Log_MailQueue 1

This will start the processing logs in the merak\logs\queue\date.log directory and file. These logs will help determine where the incoming message is being locked. The logs be similiar to the below example.

SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:48 Message JOO40048
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:48 Size filters end [00]
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:48 Antivirus begin
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Antivirus end [00]
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Antispam begin
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Antispam end
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Content filters begin
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Content filters end [00]
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Rules begin
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Rules end [00]
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Antispam finalization begin
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Antispam finalization end
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Delivery
SYSTEM [165C] 11:36:51 Done

Once a session gets hung up. (lasting longer than it shold), the session ID can be pulled from [Status] [Sessions]. Once the session ID is identified, it can be cross referenced with the new logging. ( (165C in the example above) . Send the portion of the log (as above) to and support will help resolve this issue.


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