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How to change services's policies for all users access using Tool
Posted by Gary Garber, Last modified by Said Khammar on 17 June 2014 03:48 AM

OS: Windows; IceWarp Server Version: 11



Services can be enabled or disabled  by user, group,mailing list or even per domainusing the IceWarp Admin Console (GUI).



However, it is sometimes easier to use the tool command line to fine tune or automatize service activation or desactivation.


To do global changes, you can use the command line tool.exe, found in Icewarp's root directory, which lets you access the API directly. You can look at the option list in the IceWarp Server API Reference manual . Look for the desired constant you want to change, for example the option where you can enable or disable Anti-Spam is called U_AS and the service for quarantine is U_Quarantine.


So if you want to disable quarantine for all users, you can run the following command :


tool Modify account *@* U_Quarantine 0


Or for a specific domain, tool Modify account * U_Quarantine 0