Importing Accounts Using Tool.exe
Posted by Gary Garber, Last modified by Valentin   on 27 June 2014 06:44 AM

Importing Accounts Using Tool.exe


You can use the built in TOOL.EXE command line function in Icewarp to import users. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Create your users in a text file in a format like this:,password,1,,Jimmy Dean,password,0,,Freddy Smith

The fields above are email, password, Use remote address, remote address location, Name

You can build the text file however you like as long as Icewarp will allow you to import that info into a field. Always start each line with the EMAIL ADDRESS that should be used. If you do not have a specific setting for a field or the option is null then just leave that field empty as you see above for the remote address on user 'freddy'. Once the file is created you can now build your import command that Icewarp will need to import the data.

Essentially you need to know the command variables that Icewarp uses for the API calls. After you have the variables you can tell Icewarp how to import the file. The list of command variables can be found in the /Icewarp/API/delphi/apiconst.pas file.

Open a windows command prompt and navigate to the \Icewarp\ installation folder. Type TOOL.EXE to get a list of commands and examples to see what TOOL can do for you. Now to import the text file that we have created above we will use this command:

TOOL import account c:\Icewarp_users.txt u_password u_useremoteaddress u_remoteaddress u_name

Above you can see the TOOL command being called with the variable to IMPORT ACCOUNT and then calling the FILE LOCATION. Once the location is given you have to provide the fields as they are listed in the text file so Icewarp knows the order to import the data. It is suggested that you test the import with a very small file (2 lines) to verify that the user's data and the fields you provide match up accordingly prior to attempting to import your entire user list.