Error Message When Sending "We Do Not Relay "
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Error Message When Sending "We Do Not Relay "



If you cannot send a message and server's response is 'we do not relay', the problem is probably that you are not authenticated.


Icewarp Email Server provides three main ways for a user to authenticate:

  • Trusted IPs & Hosts
  • POP before SMTP
  • SMTP Authentication

The first two of these options are in General tab > Mail > Security

Security General


  • Trusted IPs & Hosts - This allows you to directly authenticate any sender who relays from IPs specified in the list. should always be there, this is the local IP address of the hosting machine. The IP of your server and internal LAN IPs should also be there. Other IP address should be added only if they are to be trusted. Any senders coming from other IP addresses need to authenticate themselves by one of the following methods. 
  • POP before SMTP-Another way of authenticating senders is called POP before SMTP.When enabled, any user who downloads messages via POP3 will be automatically allowed to send messages through your server for the specified time. So in the above example, any user who will connect via POP3 will be allowed to send e-mails for 45 minutes.
  • SMTP Authentication - This is enabled by default and requires a valid User/Password to be used before SMTP sending is allowed.You should ensure your e-mail client is set to authenticate it's SMTP connection.Note that the recommended method to use is SMTP Authentication. Both the Relay IP and POP before SMTP methods introduce a security risk and should be avoided if possible.You can use the service at to check if your server is not an Open Relay.


Security Advanced

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