How to export a list of accounts with passwords from Icewarp Mail Server
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Said Khammar on 10 June 2014 08:15 AM

OS: Windows; IceWarp Server Version: 11


There are two ways to export accounts from the IceWarp Mail Server. 

  1. You can export accounts and user-settings in an encoded form. 
  2. You can use a Tool command to select the data you want to export

Exporting accounts and user-settings in an encoded form

From the console, highlight the domain you wish to export (you can hold shift and highlight multiple domains), RIGHT click, and choose "Export accounts to file".



Create a name and save the File to a place of your choosing (the export will be saved as a .CSV file)


If you open the file with notepad. You will see the encoded data as shown below.


Exporting accounts using a Tool command

You can also select the data you want to export by opening a command line and navigating to the IceWarp installation path and running the TOOL command.

You can use tool in this fashion:

prompt:>tool export account *@* u_password

This will display a list of accounts in all domains with the password. If you want to create a file with this info you can use the DOS command to create a data file:

prompt:>tool export account *@* u_password > c:\Icewarp_users.txt

This will create a CSV style file with the data you want in the TXT file created.