How can I setup the JAJC IM client to work with the IceWarp IM Server?
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OS: Windows; IceWarp Server Version: 11/10

Configuring JAJC Jabber client

Once you download the JAJC Jabber client, you'll need to configure your client to connect to your Icewarp Mail Server. Here's how:

  • Install the client
  • Open the JAJC client. When the JAJC client runs for the first time it will load a wizard.

  • If you already have an email account on a Icewarp server then you will choose 'Yes' for the existing account question.

    Enter the following information in the 'Account Wizard' window: (leave the next screen as it is shown with 'Direct Connection' selected and all other fields blank.)
    • Server: (for the initial setup, the wizard must have the actual address of the Icewarp server)
    • Name: Joe (enter your screen name)
    • Password: enter your password
    • Click on Next

  • Click Next

    At this time, the wizard should successfully connect you to the server.

    At this time it will look as though the IM client is connected and working, but there is a flaw with the setup.
    If you look at the image below you will see that the account is listed as
    The problem is that joe is not but without the mail sub domain.

    To resolve this:
    • Click the bulb icon
    • Choose Tools
    • Choose Accounts
    • Click Setup

    The Account settings will open and these changes should be made:
    • Account Default is fine, if you want more than one username to use this IM client then you will need to create additional profiles.
    • Username: joe (Use the username you use to connect to Icewarp Mail Server)
    • Password: enter your password
    • Server: (This must be the email domain as listed in Icewarp Mail Server and should be changed from '' that was used in the wizard)
    • Create New Account: As long as you already have an email account in Icewarp this should not be checked.
    • Resource: Default (You can type whatever you want here, for instance, work/office/home as multiple resources can be connected to the server under one account)
    • DO NOT click OK Choose the Connection tab at the top of the window.

    In the Connection window:
    • Check: Connect by IP/Hostname (This will allow the IM client to know where to find your Icewarp Mail Server while allowing the user to properly authenticate to the correct 'domain'.
    • Server IP: Use either the IP address or the servers proper DNS Hostname (
    • Check: Use SSL (This will automatically change the port number to 5223)
    • Click OK

    Once finished the IM client should provide a popup for the SSL Certificate.
    Select Add this host and Continue

    You will know that you are properly connected when the Icewarp server will prompt the IM client for the vCard info. You can fill this out now or later.

    At this point your JAJC client should be properly connected to the Icewarp Instant Messaging Service and you can now add users and communicate.