How to migrate from Zimbra to IceWarp
Posted by Ondrej Vanek, Last modified by Milan Sykora on 04 October 2016 08:20 AM

While migrating from Zimbra emails can be migrated via icewarp integrated migrator or any imap based migrator, the only problems are events and contacts, therefore its required to export all users ics(contacts) and vcf(events) and convert into directory structure with folders named according to their username and domain into a root folder as e.g.:



     domain1/user1 -ics
                 /user2 -ics
     domain2/user1 -ics


This directory structure can be exported into root folder in Zimbra or in target IceWarp server. Once this will be done icewarp support team will provide you script for import the exported data into icewarp groupware. The script is always executed on target server.

Before the migration, please conntact and tell them in which operating system did you exported the vcf ics files into directory structure and what is your required target operating system where your new IceWarp server will run.

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