How to change the Default Font in MailCompose - WebClient
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For the user(s) who want this feature, 
- from webmail options, choose a default font (ex: cursive)
- this will generate the tags <font_family>...</font_family> in his ~webmail/settings.xml
- edit the ~webmail/settings.xml file as follows :
<font_family>Cursive; color: red</font_family>
- disconnect from webmail
- clear browser cache
- the default color is now red (or whichever you have specified)

settings.xml is ont overwritten on upgrade
settings.xml is individual for each user

The downside is that in the options dialog, the default font is not longer displayed (because we cheated by annexing color to font)
If the user changes his default font, he will have to redit the settings.xml

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