Localization of IceWarp Mail Server - Linux version
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Localization of IceWarp Server v 11.2 is to match various aspects of the product to the Brazilian Portuguese for all supported Linux (RHEL / CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu). The information below is also valid for the Windows platform, however copying processes are unnecessary on this platform, because it has come completely localized.

This procedure needs to be done only once or when a launch has a significant version (v 11).

Important informations

- Read the Installation and Control in Linux manual (PDF) and how to upgrade manual (PDF). We suggest even in case of upgrade, make sure you have a default time zone set, logging in as an administrator in the WebClient, the Tools / Options Administrator / Calendar / Main and choose GMT-3 (GMT).

- There is no 64-bit version of Avast for Linux. If you are upgrading from Linux IceWarp 32 bits to 64 bits, ensure that the antivirus engine in the console, is Avast. If so, please open a ticket for licensing requesting change for Kaspersky engine, attaching your license.xml.


1) If the WebMail folders - English (contacts, tasks, notes, etc ...), access the console in IceWarp Groupware / General / Rename folders, select the Brazilian Portuguese language and select areas / desired accounts.

2) To change the video tour of WebMail, detailing the changes since version 11, from English to Portuguese, please click here and allocate whatsnew.html file in the folder icewarp / html / webmail / client.

3) For the Web Admin Portuguese press, the root of IceWarp, type once ./tool.sh modify system c_system_server_language en

4) Optionally, once in Mail / Backup messages, some customers prefer to call the folder containing EMAILS backups "Backup" (without quotation marks) instead of "Archive" and its sub-folders (Inbox / Sent) in Portuguese. To do this, run the following commands at the root of IceWarp:

./tool.sh modify system C_System_Tools_AutoArchive_IMAPArchiveName Backups
./tool.sh modify system C_System_Tools_AutoArchive_IMAPArchive 1
./tool.sh modify system C_System_Tools_AutoArchive_IMAPArchiveSent "Sent Items"
./tool.sh modify system C_System_Tools_AutoArchive_IMAPArchiveInbox "Inbox"

5) Optionally, System / Services SmartDiscover tab, in the second pulldown menu next to SMTP, select "second basic port (without SSL)" and System / Services / General tab, double-click the SMTP, ana first properties tab, many prefer to keep the second basic port to 587.

6) If you use the SMS module and want the conflict message in Portuguese, run the root of IceWarp:

./tool.sh modify system C_SMSService_SenderReplyConflictText "Can not deliver the message because there are other potential recipients. Please use #email# email in your reply."


Details of the localization

This procedure needs to be done only once, except if otherwise noted on this page or when launching a significant version, in which files may have been changed.

Click here for all localized files. You can copy them using IceWarp file manager in the Console's File menu or tool as WinSSH.

- Standards WebMail

Only for those who have installed IceWarp the first time, rename icewarp / config / _webmail / settings.xml to settings.xmlold and allocate the file of the package.

This makes the webmail press Portuguese and other aspects such as: Standard messaging in iso-8859-1 and HTML, by default spell checker in Portuguese, business hours 2nd to 6th from 8h to 18h, etc.

If you have already customized settings of your WebMail, we suggest not override the settings.xml file but make adjustments of defaults manually by logging in as Admin WebMail and accessing the Administrator Options.

- Spell Check in Portuguese

Allocate icewarp / config / _webmail / spellchecker.xml

- Log Analyzer Viewer (Status / logs) by pressing Portuguese

Allocate icewarp file \ config \ loganalyzer \ mla_config.cfg

- Customization groupware for alert e-mails and location of folders to Portuguese.

File: icewarp / calendar / calendar-custom.xml

Active alert messages groupware in Portuguese.

- Return Strings (in the console in System / Advanced / tab Protocol / Translation strings button at the bottom of the screen)

File: icewarp / config / strings.dat

Loads return strings in Portuguese (eg quota message near the limit).

- Antivirus return messages.

Files: icewarp / config / virusmsgadmin.txt, virusmsgrecipient.txt and virusmsgsender.txt

Modifies antivirus return messages.

- SmartAttach

Files: icewarp / config / SmartAttach *.

SmartAttach feature, which turns attachments on links in Portuguese.

- Spam Report

File: /html/reports/lang/pt/lang.xml defined via tool.sh (/tool.sh modify system c_as_spamlang pt) or just copy the lang.xml into the to / html / reports / lang / en /lang.xml

Change the language of Spam Report to Portuguese.

- Document Version News and quick start guide in EN (accessible by the console Help menu)

Files: icewarp / doc

- Links on the Help menu to site IceWarp.com.br

Info.xml file: icewarp / xml

- Challenge message in Portuguese (only if you use the Anti-Spam Challenge system activated on the island in Anti-Spam / Quarantine)

File challenge.txt in: icewarp / spam

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