How to Customize More Domains
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Customization of more Domains


If you have more domains you may want to enable the customization so you can have different logos, titles, enabled/disabled Calendar, etc. for different domains.

To do so, you must first create a file, in your IceWarp directory, under : <icewarpdir>config\_webmail\_hosts\<hostname>, where you need to specify just the name of the domain used, like in the example bellow:


Multiple Virtual


For this example, everyone who will access with their browser, the IceWarp server will do :


 Find the file

 Read the file

 Use the Domain settings for (i.e. use the Titles and Logo specified for


Go to your WebMail and navigate to the Options tab > Administrator Options > Domains tab


More Domains


Open the drop menu, and select your desired domain. Then click on the "Add" button.


Multiple Add


Now you can see a list with all your selected domains. You can click on "Edit domain settigs" button to edit your settings for each desired domain


Multiple Edit


You can choose which domains you want to change and then edit any settings you want.

Now you can customise as you want every domain needed.

Multiple Final


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