How to Set Advanced Auto-Responder via WebMail
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OS: Windows/Linux; IceWarp Server Version: 11/10



Icewarp allows users to define their own auto-responder via the WebMail interface. However only simple and static text messages can be designed there.

But you can use variables and commands which can make the auto-responder a very powerful feature.

The variables which can be used are:





























%%Header HeaderItem%%

Each of these variables returns actual values according to the message which was received.

The next powerful feature are the commands. You can set headers of messages by using these commands.

$$SetSender Sender$$

$$SetRecipient Recipient$$

$$SetActualTo To$$

$$SetActualFrom From$$

$$SetSubject Subject$$

$$SetReplyTo ReplyTo$$

$$SetMessageID MessageID$$

$$SetHeader Header$$


Example #1 (Simple Auto Responder):

Hello, I received your message at %%Time%% on the %%Date%% and the size was %%Size%% kB.


Example #2 (Advanced Auto Responder):

$$SetSubject Message Subject: %%Subject%%$$


Hello %%From_Name%%,

this is an automatically generated auto-responder message. I will answer your message as soon as possible.


Example #3 (Virus Warning):

Warning: Virus '%%VirusName%%' detected. Message was rejected.

Message's header: