How to Backup Your WebMail Configuration and Your User's WebMail Settings
Posted by - NA - on 15 February 2007 06:47 PM

WebMail has several locations which should be backed up. The configuration files with global WebMail settings are in Icewarp\WebMail\Config folder. The users' settings and messages are stored in Icewarp\WebMail\Users folder by default but this can be changed in Administrator Settings.

The Users path location option is the path to that folder.

FAQ - WebMail - Users Path Location

Another option which affects where the files are stored is the Store mail folders in Icewarp mail folder.

FAQ - WebMail - Store Mail Folders In Icewarp Mail Folder

If checked, all the messages for users are stored in Icewarp\Mail folder (this can be also changed - see Icewarp Config - Options tab - Directories) instead of the Icewarp\WebMail\Users folder. Only users' configuration files stay in this location in case this option is checked.

We recommend this option because it is much more tabular - messages in one folder and configuration files in another folder.

To summarize which folders needs to be backed up:

  • Icewarp\WebMail\Config
  • Icewarp\WebMail\Users (or another folder according to the Users path location option)
  • Icewarp\Mail (there are only Inbox folders by default but if Store mail folders in Icewarp mail folder option is checked, all the messages are stored there)

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