Configuring Dropbox for Webmail
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Dropbox Integration

With the release of version 11 of the IceWarp Messaging Server customers will now have the ability to retrieve and send files from their existing Dropbox account.  When composing a message in the WebClient all users will be allowed to choose the Dropbox icon and then sign into their account and attach any files from Dropbox into their message.

To provide this functionality to your WebClient you first need to have an APP Key created by Dropbox.  Follow the steps below to setup Dropbox access.


1.   First login to your Dropbox account though a browser.   If you do not have any account then please create a new one.  (** This account will be used to create the APP Key for the whole server)


 Dropbox Signup

2.  If you are creating a new account you will have to choose a plan once you have specified the username and password and accepted the terms and conditions.  (**You can choose Basic plan as we do not require any specific plan for this feature)


3.  Now that you have finished the creation of the account you will be asked to download the Dropbox APP to your server, you can cancel this if you do not wish to have this installed and instead move straight to the [Community / Developers] area.


Dropbox Download


4.   On the Developers page choose the [Drop-ins] option.


Dropbox Dropin


5.   You then choose the [Chooser] option.


Dropbox Chooser


6.   On this page you will choose to “Create a Drop-In APP” in the center of the page.

Dropbox Createapp


7.  You will need to agree to the API terms and conditions and you will then need to verify your account if you have not done so already.


8.  You will now be directed to the APP building page, you need to choose Drop-Ins APP and give the APP a name, for example, WebClient Access, and then choose “Create APP”.


Dropbox Create APP 


9.  You will now be directed to the APP settings page and here you only need to fill out the domains this will be set for.  If you want to provide this feature to all domains on your server then specify them in the [Drop-Ins Domains] section and click “Add”.  It will only let you do this one at a time so specify a domain and click add, then write another and click add to do multiple domains.  Ensure to copy the APP Key for the next step.


Dropbox APP


10.  You now just need to copy the APP Key from and APP settings page and login to the WebClient with a full administrator account and go to the [Administrator Options] in the top right corner of the WebClient.  Once the settings open move to the [General] tab and click the option for [Dropbox].  Here you will put in your APP Key to register the APP in IceWarp. 


Dropbox Webclient


11.  Once you save this it might take a minute or two to register completely with Dropbox but then any user can compose a new message and click the Dropbox icon and login to their account to attach files and send them.

  WebClient Sending


If you have any questions or problems please contact or submit a ticket through

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