Mailer SMTP Authenticate Error
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In version 11 on the newly designed WebClient interface there is a new option for users to contact the administrator.  Administrators have control to hide this option if they wish.  If they allow it then users will be able to send the administrator of the server messages when they are locked out or having an issue.  They would simply click the "Need Help" to start the process:

Need Help Link


Once they click this they would be able to provide their contact information and problem description.  To submit the issue they would need to supply the proper captcha code. 


Web Contact Form


If doing this and you see the error "Mailer SMTP Authenticate" you need to update your server.xml file to include authentication information.


Contact Form Error


To resolve this follow the steps below.


1.  Login to the server

2.  Navigate to the IceWarp installation directory

3.  Go to the config\_webmail folder

4.  Edit the "server.xml" file.

5.  Include the following two variables:

<smtp_user>user or address of the account you wish to authenticate with</smtp_user>

<smtp_pass>password for the account you listed as the user</smtp_pass>

Make sure to close out both XML tags so they work properly.

6. Save the changes and then you will be able to send now without receiving the error.


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11 July 2014 02:55 PM
in this will rarely happen, as usually, even if groupware/webclient/SMTP is set to not authenticate, the IP used to connect to webmail is usually in security/trusted IPs.

note: by default this option to contact admin is disabled in new installations and has to be enabled logging to webmail as admin, in admin settings / geral / login screen / enable support link on login.

also, it emails the administrator of the primary domain, specified in console.
11 July 2014 03:07 PM
also, if you have virtual hosts enabled (ex: - link to that faq, contact form will contact admin of respective domain accessed via URL, if not, it will use domain admin of primary domain.