Upgrade of IceWarp Server in Loadbalanced Setup
Posted by , Last modified by on 12 April 2013 05:27 AM

It is recommended to turn off the load balancing during the upgrade process. Here is a step by step manual. Server 1 is the master server, Server 2 is the slave server (there could be more than one slave server)


  1. On your slave server(s), change the paths of shared databases to local ones (Accounts, Anti-Spam, GroupWare, Directory Cache, PDO Database )
  2. Turn off the slave server(s)
  3. Now you have only one server 10.X connected to the database and to the storage (Master Server)
  4. Upgrade the master server (Server 1)
  5. Verify that everything works fine
  6. Upgrade  the slave server(s) (still disconnected from the cluster)
  7. Connect server 2 to the cluster again (databases, storage etc.)