Antivirus engine is not updating
Posted by , Last modified by Milan Sykora on 26 January 2017 05:03 AM

These issues are mostly caused by a non-working internet connection, proxy server or firewall.

You should check the following:

1) Isn’t your license expired? Expired license disables the anti-virus updates.

You can extend your antivirus license by clicking on button Manage Licence which will redirect you to IceWarp Shop.


 Manage License...

2) If server AntiVirus license is showed as Valid and Antivirus is still not updated, then please reactivate you Icewarp license in IceWarp Server Administration console ( Help / License / Activate License - Activate License )

3) Check whether the machine is connected to the internet and that the anti-virus proxy settings is properly set in Administration Console - File - API Console: value av_general_proxy_url


4) Check if your firewall is open to download files from Websites located in:

   IceWarp\kaspersky\bin\bases\updcfg.xml for Kaspersky

   or in  IceWarp\Avast\Setup\Servers.def for Avast.

If all above is OK, try to re-install the mail server:

  • Download the recent version from
  • Delete folder Avast or Kaspersky in IceWarp root folder depending on your licensed module.
  • Run the setup and install it over the existing installation.
  • Click Update Now button in IceWarp Administration Console – Antivirus.

If nothing above helped, contact vendor in your region or IceWarp technical support at