Using the integrated File Manager to move/copy files
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Server Administration




The Directory Cache database is used to keep information about email boxes – their sizes, number of messages, etc. This data is re-counted everytime after each change. If you move files manually on the file system, you may run into an issue where the directory cache does not updated properly. Using the integrated File Manager to move files is a must.



The File Manager can be accessed directly from the Administration Console by doing the following:

  1. From the top menu, click File and select File Manager

  2. When the File Manager opens, navigate to the file you want to move

  3. On the right pane, navigate to the destination folder where you want to move the file to

  4. Now, highlight the file/folder on the left pane and click the "F6 Move..." button on the bottom (you can click F6 directly on your keyboard as well). Make sure the "Path" matches the destination folder and click "OK" 

  5. Once you are finished moving your files, click the "F10 Quit" button to exit

 If you need to change the directory for either the source or the destination, please see Changing directories inside the File Manager