How to Store Icewarp Temp Folder on a RAM Drive
Posted by on 01 August 2012 05:00 PM

RAM Drive (or RAM Disk) software allows you to use part of your physical RAM to create a "virtual drive" on your computer.

This "virtual drive" can be used just like a normal disk except that the data stored on it is deleted upon every reboot or system shutdown so only temporary files should be stored there.

Using a RAM drive with Icewarp can boost server performance significantly. Moving the Icewarp\temp folder to a RAM drive can increase server performance by 10-20%.

The optimum size of the drive required is dependant on server traffic. Normally 128mb should suffice but for high-load servers (say 100,000 messages per day) a value of 256Mb would be better.

Warning: If the RAM drive fills up, or the server experiences a system crash, there may be loss of data

To proceed follow these steps:

1. Install a RAM drive on your system and create a virtual drive. For example let's say T:

2. Start your Icewarp console, node System -- Storage -- Directories and use the T: drive for the Icewarp temp path, as shown below

RAM drive temp folder

3. Click the 'Apply' button at bottom right of the screen to save the configuration.