Basic Commands on TOOL.EXE
Posted by on 01 August 2012 04:59 PM


TOOL is directly accessing application to API. So you can set everything and more than in Icewarp Administration console through that. In many cases it's quicker to use TOOL or it's necessary due to function or variable absence in console.



TOOL is stored in Icewarp root folder\tool.exe
run it in CMD

first and most helpful command, which will display you right order of commands and many other types of commands, could be
tool tutorial





New account creation

tool create account u_name "Tool Usage" u_password "toolpwd"
--> new account "toolusage" will be in "" created with password "toolpwd"



Existing account modification

tool modify account u_password "changedpwd"
--> existing account "toolusage" will be modified to password "changedpwd"



Existing accounts modifications

tool modify account * u_comment "Modified account"
--> all existing accounts in domain "" will have modified comments to "Modified account"


Deleting accounts in specified domain

tool delete account e*@domain
--> this command will delete all account beginning by "e" in domain ""


Import accounts from the file

tool import account importfile.txt u_name u_password
--> this will import all accounts stored in file "importfile.txt" with their names and passwords similar to order in text file, Lukas Pibol, lukaspwd, Tomas Newman, tomaspwd

If this text shown above will be saved in mentioned txt file, account will be created with name "Lukas Pibol" and password "lukaspwd".


Export accounts from database to BASE64 encoded file

tool export account * u_backup > users-domain-com.csv
--> will export information about all accounts stored in to file "users-domain-com.csv" in BASE64 encrypted form.


TOOL and APIconst.pas

File apiconst.pas is one of most important file when using TOOL. You can find that in Icewarp\api\delphi\apiconst.pas. All constants of API are displayed and explained here, but don't forget, that all levels have to be typed when commands creating.

want to know where Icewarp installation folder is

tool display system C_InstallPath
--> this will send you back installation path of Icewarp Mail server, but you can define anything from mentioned apiconst.pas to display or modify by TOOL.