How do I enable AntiVirus protection?
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OS: Windows/Linux; IceWarp Server Version: 11/10



The IceWarp AntiVirus engine can scan incoming and outgoing messages for viruses during SMTP transmission. Starting with version 10.1.2, the award-winning multi-threaded Kaspersky AntiVirus engine is included with automated virus database and scan engine updates.

How To

  1. To enable the AntiVirus engine, navigate to AntiVirus > General tab and click on "Start" at the bottom.

    AntiVirus Start

  2. An alternate way to enable/disable the Antivirus engine is through the Services tab. In the IceWarp Administration console, go to System > Services > General tab, select the AntiVirus service and click "Start"

    Services AntiVirus Start

  3. This integrated Anti-Virus Engine has many advantages over an external engine. The most important are:
  • Performance is much faster (works in a multithreaded mode and stays resident in RAM)
  • Can return the Virus name in an SMTP Message
  • Automatic updates to the Virus Database and the AntiVirus Engine

External AntiVirus Scanner

It is strongly recommended that you use the Integrated Antivirus Engine. However, the older technology which is based on an External AntiVirus scanner is still supported.

To enable an External AntiVirus Scanner, follow the step below:

  1. From the Administration console, go to AntiVirus > External Filters tab, and click the "Add..." button to add your AntiVirus engine

    AntiVirus External Filters

  2. Set any parameters required for that application (you will need to consult your AntiVirus product manual)
    If you click on the blank button next to the Parameters field and choose the appropriate AntiVirus, the pre-defined parameters will be filled automatically.

External AV Filter

 Note: Please read the AntiVirus Reference Guide for complete instructions


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