How to export a list of accounts with passwords from Icewarp Mail Server
Posted by on 01 August 2012 03:06 PM

There are two ways to get users from the server. If you want a fast way to get the accounts as well as some extra data that is the user settings in an encoded form you can open the console and highlight a domain or hold shift and highlight all domains and then RIGHT click and choose export to file.

Export the accounts to a file and open the file with notepad. You will see data that looks like this:

You can also select the data you want to export by opening a command line and navigating to the Icewarp installation path and running the TOOL command.

You can use tool in this fashion:

prompt:>tool export account *@* u_password

This will display a list of accounts in all domains with the password. If you want to create a file with this info you can use the DOS command to create a data file:

prompt:>tool export account *@* u_password > c:\Icewarp_users.txt

This will create a CSV style file with the data you want in the TXT file created.