How do I use the Remote Administration Console?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 03:02 PM

The Remote Administration Console, downloadable here, allows you to administer your Icewarp Mail Server from any machine connected to the Internet. So you could administer your Icewarp Mail Server running in California from your home office in Brazil.

You will need to know

  • the User/password for an administrator account on the Icewarp Mail Server
  • the port on which the Web / Control service of Icewarp Mail Server is running
  • and the hostname/IP address of that server.


  1. Download Download the Remote Administration Console and unzip the entire contents to any folder on your machine.
  2. Run the Config.exe file, the same interface as you are used to from the Icewarp Mail Server will be shown.
  3. Click the very left icon in the toolbar (as circled in red)

    Remote Administration Console - Button

    to open the Remote Connection Manager dialog

    Remote Connection - Connection Manager

  4. Click the Add button to define a new connection.

    Remote Connection - Connection Definition - Connection Tab

  5. Enter the hostname or IP address of your Icewarp Mail Server you want to administer.
  6. Enter the username of the administrator account which is already defined on that server.
  7. Enter the password for the account.
  8. Set the port to the port that the Web / Control Service is listening on. If you are going to use an SSL connection (recommended) then you must specify the SSL port
  9. It is recommended to use SSL connection.
  10. Check the Save Password if you wish. The password is encrypted and saved in the Windows registry but this is NOT RECOMMENDED on a public machine (ie a PC in an internet cafe), only on your own personal machine(s).
  11. Click Connect and, if everything is set up correctly, you will connect to your Icewarp Email Server and can make changes as required.