How do I translate Icewarp reports into my own language?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 03:01 PM

Icewarp Mail server issues all email message strings, such as errors, notifications, confirmations, etc. in English by default.

You may wish to translate all these strings so that you can localize Icewarp Email Server for your community.

To do so, you have to create a strings.dat file in Icewarp\Config\ folder and define all the strings there. The easiest way is to copy the strings.dat file from Icewarp\examples\ folder to Icewarp\Config\ folder, edit that file, delete all to comment text from that file and translate the messages there.

Warning: In the translations the %s system variable is used extensively. It must remain in place as it is substituted with system information - time, error number, etc..


You want to translate the string:

"Remote Server Watchdog: server unreachable" being an example of a system-substituted variable.

Locate the string in the Example file -

stRemoteServerMonitorSubject = 'Remote Server Watchdog: server %s unreachable'

and change it accordingly

stRemoteServerMonitorSubject = 'Text in your language %s Text in your language'


NOTE that the %s MUST stay so it is evaluated and your message makes sense