How do I move/migrate Icewarp to a new server?
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Below are instructions for moving IceWarp from one server to another

This is only applicable when running the same version on both servers. If you are wanting to move from an older version to a newer version please first upgrade the server before moving it. This way the data will be in the same format as the server you are moving to. If you ensure the versions are the same then the data will be easily moved from one server to other and immediately made available without any further actions.

The following steps outline the process of moving your Icewarp Email Server to a new server:

1. Backup your configuration
2. Backup all messages
3. Backup any Webmail folders
4. Install Icewarp on the new server
5. Restore your configuration on the new server
6. Retrieve your license for the new server
7. Restore messages on the new server
8. Restore Webmail folders on the new server

Before you start you should have the following information in hand

* The location(s) of all your Users' mailbox folders
* Your original purchase OrderID
* All database locations/backups as well as type (for example, SQLite or MySQL)

1.Backing up the configuration on your original server

To backup the configuration, use the Backup Settings option in the File menu:

Config - Menu - File - Backup Settings

A file with an .zip extension is created.

Warning - Do not create it in Config folder. The created file is a compressed Config folder and it could cause a loop and affect the Mail Server functionality.

This will backup the configuration of the server, so users, domains, and settings. It will not backup databases, or any other data.

Database Backup:

The system uses a database for Groupware and Anti-Spam and by default the system uses SQLite for this. You can also store your Accounts, Logs, and PDO storage in a database. You need to know what type of database is being used and where they stored. If you open the console and go to the "General" tab of Groupware, Storage, and Anti-Spam you can click on the {DB Settings} button to see what is being used. If using the default SQLite databases then the following folders will house this data:

Groupware - You would want to copy the entire /IceWarp/Calendar folder to the new server. The database is named "Groupware.db"

Anti-Spam - You would want to copy the entire /IceWarp/Spam folder to the new server. The database is named "AntiSpam.db".

2.Backup the messages on your original server

All the user's Inboxes are stored in the Icewarp\Mail folder by default. (If have upgraded from older versions then the /merak folder might still be seen)

However, you may have changed the settings in System –> Storage -> Directories –> Mail path option

or you may have specified Domain Level Storage Folders by going to each domain's [Options] tab.

You should backup all of these folders.

3.Install Icewarp on the new server

Download the latest version of Icewarp from and install it on your new server.

4.Restore the configuration on the new server

Use the Restore Configuration option in File menu to restore your configuration from the .zip file created in step 1.

Config - Menu - File

** After doing this step you may see a license error stating "Reference Key Mismatch", do not worry as this will be fixed in the next step **

5.Retrieve your license for the new server

Your new machine will have new server reference key (it is machine specific). You now simply need to reactivate the license to remove the error mentioned above and fully license this new server. Once you have your OrderID open the console and go to

Help - Licenses - Activate License

This will go out to our license database and remove the old server from your license and add this new server. If you receive any errors when doing this please contact our licensing department immediately. You can reach them by emailing or calling 1-888-ICEWARP.

6.Restore messages on the new server

Copy the Mail folders you backed up in step 2 to the same directory on the new Server. If the folder is zipped then just extract it to the location you wish to store the mail on the new server.

7.Moving The Databases

By now you should know what databases you are using and have them backed up or read to be moved. On the new server you just need to have the old databases put into the proper location, for example:

Restoring the SQLite Groupware database:

To do this you would just copy the "Calendar" folder from the old server and then place it in the /IceWarp folder on the new server. (You would need to delete or rename the new calendar folder seen on the new server before copying this over).

Restoring the AntiSpam database:

This is exactly like the Groupware database, you just simply copy the folder from the old server to the new server and replace the new "spam" with the one you moved to restore the exact data used/seen on the old server.

Restoring from a different database:

If you are using MySQL/MSSQL/Oracle then you just need to go to the {DB Settings} for these services and point them to the proper location by using either an already made ODBC connection or the native driver.

Once this has been done you will be fully moved to the new server with all the mail, databases, users, domains, and settings from the old server. There still might be some smaller things you need to move from the old server to the new server like logo files, and specific items like this.

If you have any questions please contact our support department by emailing