How do I block attachments using the Anti-virus engine?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 02:58 PM

In order to block files based upon the file type(or extension) it is best to use the Anti-virus Engine "filters" feature.

After opening up the Icewarp GUI Interface go to the [Anti-virus] [Filters] tab.

Filters Tab

  • Check the option to Block files with the following file extensions.
  • Use the Add button to specify the file extension to block.
  • NOTE: the dot (.) should be included, so .exe, not just exe.

Once this feature is enabled any incoming message that contains an attachment with an extension listed here will be treated as if it were a virus, rejecting it.

The most common extensions that are blocked are: .exe;.com;.vbs;.bat;.scr;.pif;.tmp;.hta