How To Configure PSI Client?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 02:29 PM

First time PSI account setup:

Obtain the PSI (IM client) by downloading it from website You will have to install it, but process of installation is simple, follow instructions of setup.

To successfully setup an account in PSI, please ensure that the Icewarp Control and Instant Messaging services are running.

After installation will be PSI client automaticaly started up.

PSI - Add account dialog

Firstly fill in the name of account and press Add.

PSI - Account properties dialog

Fill in the account ID (full email address) and below enter your password.

If you are using SSL (secured) connection, go to Connection tab.

PSI - Account properties SSL dialog

There check Use SSL encryption. And if your server use standard certificate for SSL, check also Ignore SSL warnings as showed on picture.

After all settings set, press Save and add accounts into your PSI. This can be done as described below:

PSI - Add a contact

In the dialog enter jabber ID (full email) of contact you would like to add into your list.

PSI - Add contact dialog

After that you are able to start a comunication with your PSI client.