How do I set the IM gateways in Icewarp and JAJC ?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 02:28 PM

It is possible to use Services such as Yahoo, ICQ, etc. only if you have a Professional type of license.

Icewarp Mail Server is capable of allowing communication with other Instant Messaging services such as ICQ, AOL, MSN & Yahoo. It is necessary to set the Instant Messaging service of Icewarp Mail Server to activate these modules and also set the user's Instant Messaging Client to use these services as well.

1. Create an DNS A record for the service

Each service has to have its own DNS A record pointing to the server where Icewarp Instant Messaging server is running. e.g. pointing to your server.

2. Enable the modules on Icewarp Mail Server

Click Instant Messaging menu node and go to Services tab

Services Tab - List of Items

You can edit the IMServices.dat file there and add the modules. You can edit the file either via graphic interface (recommended - click Add button) or directly as text file (only for advanced users - click Edit File button). To add the ICQ module for example, click Add button and fill in following information:

Services Tab - Edit Item

Of course, use your own service you defined in step 1 in Service option. Then click OK and restart the Instant Messaging service in System -> Services. Now users can use the ICQ module in their JAJC. To create another types of service such as MSN, Yahoo or AOL, change the Type and Module options. The Module option has to include appropriate dynamic library that can be found in Icewarp\modules\ folder.

3. Set the user's JAJC to use the modules

Users can now use the ICQ module after the changes are made above. A new item "Register Service" is now shown in their JAJC settings:

Register Service in JAJC

Users can register their own ICQ account there. Also they can Add ICQ # as they contact in "Add contact" - ICQ Transport Gateway:


For MSN IM gateway you have to enter user ID with %. For example