Why is Nothing being Marked as Spam?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 02:23 PM
In order to determine why the Anti-spam is not working, you will need to look at the following.

1- Make sure your license has Anti-spam as registered.

2- Make sure the Anti-spam engine database is working. Easiest way to do this is to manually attempt to add a white list or a black list through the Console. (this is located at [Status] [Spam Queue] [White list]. If you can add one and it shows up in the list, than it is working. If it doesn't, that it is not working(see the end of this ticket or information on how to fix that).

3- If Number 2 is working, then you will have to go to the Anti-spam Log files(they must be turned on for debug and summary logging. This is located at [System] [Logging] [Services].

Once that is turned on, you can look at the anti-spam log files, and find out why nothing is being marked. Look in the log files for a BYPASS= If this is there, than there is something that is causing the e-mails to be bypassed by the Anti-spam engine. All Reason codes can be found by going to the Icewarp Console and hitting the F1 function key. Then do a search for "reason codes".

That should help narrow down why things are not being marked as spam, or quarantined.


Rebuilding the Anti-spam EngineThere are times when the Anti-spam database can become corrupt, through one reason or another. It is, at this time that it is recommended that you start the Database from scratch. However, we know that it is important to not lose all the white list and black list items that you already have, so below are the steps needed to re-build and then migrate the old data to the new

1- go to [Anti-Spam] [DB settings] and either take a screen shot or write down the information listed there in the ODBC. (you will want this information later).

2- Then close the Icewarp Console.

3- Go to the install folders and rename \Icewarp\spam to \Icewarp\spam_old

4- Run Icewarps install files again.

Now, the Anti-spam has been re-created.

1- go to [Anti-Spam] [DB settings] and either take a screen shot or write down the information listed there in the ODBC.

2- This should be different, but if it is the same, that's okay too.

Then do the following:

To transfer data from your current database to a new database, you simply need to follow the below steps.

2- Create a new ODBC DSN that points to the old database(or edite the one that existed to point to the spam_old folder).

3- Open up the Icewarp Console, and go to [System] [Tools] [Database Migration]

4- Choose the type of database that you will be transferring. (from Accounts, Anti-Spam, or Groupware.)

5- In the Source DSN section place the ODBC DSN of the original database.

6- In the Destination DSN section place the ODBC DSN of the new database (see your screen shot after the install)

7- Once you do this, simply click on the Start Migration button.

Now, it should work properly.