How to Enable the Spam Folder For Users
Posted by , Last modified by on 01 August 2012 02:11 PM
By Default users will be defined to use, or not use, the spam folder by the Anti-spam Engine default settings. It is possible to set these settings at an individual level by following the below steps.
  1. Go to Domains & Accounts -> Management.
  2. Select the user whose spam settings need to be modified.
  3. Click on the Options Tab.

    Users - Miscellaneous Tab - Special Section

  4. By using the drop down list next to Spam folder mode the following options can be chosen.





User will use the default antispam settings.

Do Not Use Spam Folder

Spam folder won't be used. (Over-rides antispam settings.)

Use Spam Folder

Spam folder will be used. (Over-rides antispam settings.)