How do I Use Icewarp as my AntiSpam and AntiVirus Gateway for MS Exchange Server?
Posted by on 01 August 2012 01:38 PM

Why do I want to do this?

  • To lose the direct connection of MS Exchange Server (Exchange) to the Internet, affording greater security
  • You use Icewarp's excellent AntiVirus protection
  • You use Icewarp's excellent AntiSpam protection

How does it work?

Your Exchange configuration probably looks something like the following diagram

Icewarp as GateWay - General Network Configuration

Source: Troup, Marty: Icewarp Instant Antispam as automated spam protection gateway for Microsoft Exchange; 2003;

Your Exchange is connected directly to the Internet and has to deal with all the unsolicited incoming traffic.

To use Icewarp as an AntiVirus/AntiSpam Gateway, you should reconfigure your setup to look something like this:

Icewarp as GateWay - Network Configuration with Icewarp

Source: Troup, Marty: Icewarp Instant Antispam as automated spam protection gateway for Microsoft Exchange; 2003;

The Icewarp server is placed between the Exchange Server and the internet and Icewarp's Rich Filtering features can be applied to all your incoming messages, offering effective protection for your Exchange Server.

To Set Icewarp to be a Relay Server for Exchange you should proceed as follows?

  1. Check Icewarp's DNS servers

    In Icewarp's Config go to Mail Service -> SMTP Service -> General tab and check that Use DNS Lookup is selected

    SMTP Server - General Tab

  2. Stop any unnecessary services, such as POP3/IMAP, IM (Instant Messaging), Calendaring, FTP etc. in System -> Services.
  3. Setup AntiVirus

    Go to Anti-Virus menu node.

    Check Active option to enable Integrated AntiVirus.

    Antivirus Tab - Integrated Antivirus Section

    Set Icewarp's AntiVirus settings to suit your requirements. Full details of AntiVirus settings can be found in the Administration manual.

  4. Set the Update Schedule to automate Antivirus DB updates.

    Antivirus Tab - Updates Schedule Section

  5. Setup Icewarp Instant AntiSpam (MIAS)

    Go to Anti-Spam menu node and enable Instant the AntiSpam Engine.

    General Tab - General Section

    Configure Icewarp's AntiSpam engine and rules as per your requirements

    This includes Content Filters, Intrusion Prevention, Black & White Lists, Static Filters and many others.

    For full information please refer to the MIAS documentation.


  6. Set up Domains in Icewarp corresponding to Domains which are Handled by Exchange

    In Domains & Accounts -> Management, create a new Domain with the same name as it has on Exchange.

    Set the Domain type to Backup domain

    Set the Value: option to the IP address or hostname of the server where the Exchange domain is running.

    Gateway - Backup domain

    Click Save to save the domain settings.

    Repeat this procedure for all your domains.


  7. Setup DNS Records to Contain Relay Host
    • Add an A record to associate the IP address of the Icewarp Server with its hostname.
    • Add an MX record to associate the domain name with the hostname/IP of the Icewarp Server. This MX record should be set with a higher priority than the MX record for the Exchange Server.
    • Repeat this procedure for all your domains.


Once this is set up correctly, all incoming messages will be

  • routed to the Icewarp Server
  • be analyzed for Spam
  • be analyzed for Viruses
  • be actioned as per your settings (deleted, quarantined etc.)
  • and all "clean" messages will be passed to your Exchange Server