v10 Groupware and Sharing
Posted by on 01 August 2012 01:35 PM
There's no change in 10.1.2. Anyone accessing a shared (or public) folder needs to be licensed with own GW license, with the exception of IMAP shared folders configured via IMAP ACL, then this access is outside of GroupWare and no license is required.

The customer is most probably coming from v9 is got confused by rename and redesign of the IMAP Shared folder under Management to Public Folders under GroupWare. More info follows.

MAP shared folders do work without GW and its a basic mail server
feature that other mail servers offer.

1) Via WebClient you need to have GroupWare service active and running
to be able to set ACLs.

2) Via console, inside GroupWare, Public Folders, ACL works even with
GroupWare service stopped (e.g. to define a shared folder and see it
via Outlook Express). You just need to keep GroupWare - Active.

3) Public folders are for Group type of account and need GroupWare
license for their functionality.

There are other features like WebDAV, inside GrouWare, which actually
don't require GroupWare license.

From the What's New of v10:

Just One Type of Public Folder
GroupWare and IMAP public folders have been joined to just Public
folder. Old functionality, i.e. emails or GroupWare items only, can be
achieved using ACL settings. To create a Public folder, create a
group, internally it creates and manages IMAP and GroupWare
automatically. Public folders- Members tab has been replaced by Access
Control List dialog.

It's just a unified dialog which has been moved to a more logical
place, the functionality is still backward compatible. You can create
any type of public folder without a GW license, there's no restriction
for creating resources:

a/ You can create either Email Shared Folders (and set permissions via
ACL in console), and access them from any compatible email client
without GW enabled for that user

b/ Or you can create GW public folders (Contacts, Tasks..), but then
only users who have GW licensed and enabled will be able to access it.

I.e. GW license = access to GW shared/public items.

You can create the IMAP Shared folders either in GUI, or in WebClient,
or in other compatible email client supporting IMAP ACL as per RFC
4314, I guess that's possible with Thunderbird and to some extent also
with Outlook as you can check in below text returned by Google:.

# Configuring the MUA (Mail User Agent)

* Once you have your shared folders set up and appropriate user
rights assigned (for anyone), you will want to get your email
client configured to subscribe to these folders. The internet is
abound with opinions on what is the best email MUA (Mail User
Agent - Email Client). If you are using Thunderbird or a fairly
new Mozilla Mail, you are in luck. These MUAs will "subscribe" to
the shared folders in a flash. You can drag and drop or copy to,
move to or whatever you like in these folders.

* With Microsoft's Outlook Express and Outlook you will need to do
a little coaxing. Select the account and click on "IMAP4 Folders".
Don't try to first subscribe to #Public after you "Reset List".
Instead, select just the sub folders of #Public and subscribe to
them. Close the "Folders" window. Reset the list of folders. Next
open "IMAP4 Folders" again and select #Public. Close. This
two-step process of subscribing to the subfolders first and then
later subscribing to the root #Public seems to work. You should be
in business.

Generally it's recommended to buy GroupWare for every user as it's a
prerequisite to SyncML, EAS, Connector functionality, and many useful
features like access to public calendars or GAL. We are considering
some adjustments to the pricelist to allow for easier adoption of GW.