Resource Management
Posted by on 01 August 2012 01:33 PM
Resource Management in IceWarp 10.2.x

IceWarp Server provides a powerful tool for resource management. There is an account category called Resources. Within this category, administrators can create accounts for all company resources (e.g. cars, meeting rooms, projectors etc.). The most important feature of these accounts is a calendar (Events) that is used for managing of reservation requests.

There are two categories of users who can manage resources:


  • Manager – a person who has access the calendar of the specific resource. This person can resolve eventual reservation conflicts, move reservation requests, delete them or create new ones.
  • Organizer – a person who can send reservation requests for a specific resource.
    1. Under Domains and Accounts – Management – [domain] – right-click the Resources item, select the Add – Resource items (or use the CTRL + B key combination).
    2. Fill in the fields (for more details, refer to the Domains and Accounts – Management – Resources – Resource section).
    3. Navigate to the Organizers tab, and select users who can send reservation requests. For more details, refer to the Domains and Accounts – Management – Resources – Organizers section.
    4. NOTE that you can select individual accounts as well as groups or entire domains.


    5. If applicable, deal with the Services and Rules tabs (see relevant parts of the Domain and Accounts Reference manual). Save the created resource.
    • The Role status of Optional is meaningless.
    • The required resource’s status will be displayed after adding it to the Schedule tab. (E.g.: Car1 is taken until 12 o'clock (blue). I. e. you can not plan to use it from 10 o'clock to 13 o'clock. See the figure below.)
  • Resource Creation


    To create a new resource account, in the Administration Console, do the following:


    NOTE: After logging in the next time, the resource manager(s) will find the resource folders in their folder structures: To access the resources' calendar, see below:

    Reservation Request


    Resource organizers can send reservation requests, which consist of adding the resource’s account into an invitation (Event dialog – Schedule tab, see Scheduling a Meeting above).


    Resource planning is similar to meeting scheduling, but there are some differences:


    IceWarp Server allows you to manage resources such as cars, meeting rooms, and projectors. Managing these resources is done by two types of users, Managers and Organizers. Managers server an Administrator role, resolving conflicts etc. while Organizers simply have permission to reserve resources.