Not Synchronizing All Folders For Outlook Sync Client
Posted by on 01 August 2012 01:09 PM
Outlook Sync Client - Unable to sync all folders

If you have installed the latest Outlook Sync Client released with version 10.3.3 and are only seeing you default Mail and Groupware folders synchronized please follow the steps below to correct the situation

- First ensure you are running the 10.3.3 version of the server or later.

- On the server running IceWarp navigate to the mailbox for the user/'s having the problem and remove the following folders:

"Conversation Action Settings"

"Quick Action Steps"

Once you do this please close Outlook and restart it. If the folders still are not sychronizing then close Outlook and uninstall the Sync client and then reinstall the client and the full folder synchronization should now be seen.

If you have previously installed the older connector or used our new Sync client in beta then these folders could be commonly seen. These are considered hidden folders to Outlook and can cause only the default folders to be synchronized. If you do these steps and the Sync client is still having any problems please contact support immediately by submitting a ticket via the portal or by emailing Support