Integrating The Outlook Sync Client With An Existing POP3 Profile
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Integrating Outlook Sync With Any Existing POP3 Profile

One of the many advantages the Sync client gives customers is the ability to bind to an existing POP3 profile. This means if you have current Outlook users in a POP3 profile and now wish to have them synchronize contacts, calendars and other Groupware data with their IceWarp account this can be done.

When binding the Sync client to their POP3 profile it can upload all of the data that resides in their current .PST file (Mail, Contacts, etc.) to the server, making it accessible from other locations instead of just Outlook itself.

This FAQ will walk you through the steps of "Binding" their current POP3 account to the Outlook Sync Client.

1. You first need to install the Sync Client. It is best to always use the same version Sync client with the server version being run. To ensure both versions are the same please download the Sync client from your own server. You can do this from the WebClient login page by clicking "Utilities for Windows (Linux if using this OS)" and this will take you to the download screen seen below.

2. Once downloaded please close Outlook and being the installation. For installation instructions please refer to the "Outlook Sync User Guide" available at the URL below.

** Please note that you do not need to create a new profile when installing the Sync client, If you run the installer with the "--noprofile" argument it will install without requesting a profile be created. Then you can bind to your existing Outlook profile.

To do this open the CMD prompt and navigate to the location of the Outlook Sync .exe or .msi file and run the following command:

outlook-sync.exe --noprofile (see image below)

This will then open the installer and no profile will need to be created.

3. Now that the Sync client is installed please open Outlook into the existing POP3 profile.

4. Once the profile has loaded you can now bind Sync with your server account. Doing this will vary among the Outlook versions.

For 2010 please go to "Add-In's" to see this option

For 2007 you will see this on the Outlook taskbar

5. Click on the option "Bind this profile with server account"

6. The Settings window will appear and you will need to specify your account password and verify the other settings seen are correct. Once you verify the settings are correct press "OK".

7. You will then be presented with the notification window stating "Profile Bind Done. Restart Outlook", press "OK" and close Outlook.

8. Now open Outlook again and be sure to load the same existing profile as before.

9. Once this loads it will search the server to see if there is currently information seen on the server that matches what is seen in the client. You will receive the "Initial Synchronization" message. There are two scenario's from here:

A) You have matching data on the server: If the sync finds you to have data that matches on the server it will present you with a Yes or No dialog box. It is stating that if you upload the data from Outlook it could cause duplication of data. Since this is a POP3 account and not synchronizing anything other than the Inbox this means the user most likely chose to leave a copy of their mail on the server.

To resolve this so you can upload all of the data without fear of duplication from Outlook to the server first go onto the server and find the users mailbox and either delete their current inbox mail or just move it out of the inbox in to another folder.

As you see in the image I have mail in the mailbox which is also in Outlook. In the image below I create a folder called "Old_Inbox" and then cut and paste all the mail into this folder. Again, you can also delete this mail since it really is in the client already but to be cautious you can do it this way.

Now that I know the data the synchronization was seeing is no longer there I will press "No", this will force all data from Outlook up to the server. This is what you want to do in order to have Outlook fully push all of it's current data to the server.

B) The other choice is "Yes", this will delete all the data on the client and pull the data down from the server. Do not do this unless you are absolutely sure the server contains the exact same data as Outlook, so all mail, calendars, contacts, etc. If you say "Yes" then it will automatically begin deleting the data from Outlook permanently.

10. You will now begin to see the folders from the server being downloaded and data from Outlook being uploaded. If you open the "Synchronization Progress Window" you can follow the progress of this. The initial synchronization will take the longest time of any synchronization and can range from a few seconds to minutes depending on the amount of data being pushed to the server.

Once the synchronization is complete you would have fully synchronized your old existing POP3 profile with the IceWarp server and from that point forward all data from Outlook will be synchronized to the server and from the server to Outlook. This also allows you to add in other devices and services, like an iPhone using ActiveSync and completely keep everything fully synchronized.

With this you could make a change in any device whether it be adding a contact, changing an event, deleting a message, etc. and have those additions or modifications show up in the other devices being synchronized. This gives you a complete solution so you always have complete access to your personal data or shared data.

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