How to Set the Virtual Hosts
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here is info from webclient administration guide:

It is possible to set a hostname for particular domain so the domain options will be loaded (Page Title, Login Title and Logi
n Logo)
if a connection request comes from that hostname.
This option must be confi
gured in the configuration file:

The only content of the file is the domain name.
See an example below:
In the case shown, when someone accesses with their browser, IceWarp Server will:

Find the file

Read the file

Use the Domain settings for
(i.e. use the Titles and Logo specified for


for picture refer to page 23 (or find _hosts in text):





The Virtual Hosts feature can be used for Customization of WebMail interface and features for different domains

Enable the Virtual Hosts customization

If you have more domains and you want to set more Virtual Hosts you can enable the customization so you can have different logos, titles, enabled/disabled Calendar, etc. for different domains.

Create a new file called virtualhosts.dat in the Icewarp\WebMail\Config\ folder and place the hostnames you want to use there. Each on a separate line.

If I use the example above I will have the virtualhosts.dat file like this:

Save the file, logon WebMail (not WebAdmin) like account with Administrator privileges. Go to Settings - Administrator Settings.

Administrator Settings

And there you will find a new option, Virtual Host, with pull-down menu:

Edit Virtual Hosts

You can choose which Virtual Hosts you want to change and then edit any settings you want.

If you want to allow users only from one domain to log-on from a specific virtual host address you have to set the Allowed Domains option in virtual host settings.