How to proceed with complete reinstallation of Icewarp Mail Server safely without data loss
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OS: Windows ; IceWarp Server Version: 11

Backup and uninstallation


First of all we need to decide what we want to backup. Go to the Admin console > System > Tools -> System Backup. 

setup the options like in the screenshot below:


Then backup the installation folder: C:\Program Files\IceWarp (This step is not mandatory but highly recommended)

Last step is to uninstall Icewarp Server via Programs and Features in Control Panel and delete the Icewarp folder if still present.


Reinstallation and restoring the backup


  • Install the exact same version of IceWarp server in the same installation path than previous installation.
  • Restore your configuration from the ZIP  file (Admin console menu > File > Restore settings).


  • Go back to the Admin Console > System ->Storage and choose the Directories tab. In Mail Path, verify the mail path.
  • Connect the databases (accounts, groupware, antispam, dir cache and webclient)
  • Check every functionalities to make sure eveyrthing is working as before.

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