Unable to access the old Auto Delete settings
Posted by , Last modified by on 26 July 2012 03:47 PM

Applies to version 10.4.1

The Auto Delete option has been replaced with Auto Clean in 10.4.1. You can access the location of these settings by doing the following:

From the IceWarp Administration console, navigate to Mail > Rules > Auto Clean

However, the original settings are still available in the API.

The following document discusses using the IceWarp API.




You can get and set the variables for an account.

The following command will get the settings.

tool get account user@domain.com u_deleteolder

tool get account user@domain.com u_deleteolderdays


The following commands will disable the setting and reset the days to 0.

tool set account user@domain.com u_deleteolder 0

tool set account user@domain.com u_deleteolderdays 0


Note, the API can also be accessed using the IceWarp Console.

Right click on the account and select API Console.

Search for "delete"