Error When Opening The GroupWare Tab In The Administration Console
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"Cannot save data into GroupWare service. Please check if GroupWare service is running and GroupWare database is OK"

If you are seeing this error when trying to do any of the following operations in the administration console then this FAQ will give you the possible causes and solutions.

Operations that may cause this are:

  • Adding a new group - This could be seen when trying to create a new Group in the administrator console.
  • Opening the Groupware/General tab - If moving around the console and clicking on this tab it can be seen.
  • Viewing the Groupware/Public Folders tab - If viewing the public folders tab it can be seen.

There could be other times this is seen and not mentioned here but these are the normal reasons it might be seen and they all relate to the same causes.



These are the items that need to be checked before moving forward:

  1. Is the service started?

  2. Is the GroupWare Database accessible?  You can test this by going to GroupWare > General > General tab, opening the DB Settings, and doing a "Test Connection".  If it fails, then you need to determine why the database is not accessible.

  3. Make sure the permissions are properly set for the database and the IceWarp GroupWare service.  If you are running with the default Local System as the user running the services and you are using the default database then permissions should not be an issue.


If all the above are right, the database is accessible, the service is started, and the proper permissions are being used, then please do the following:

  • Go to Help/Licenses and ensure the GroupWare license is "Registered" and not shown as "Evaluation" with no time remaining.  If this is the case then please contact to register GroupWare.

  • On the server directly go to the /IceWarp/Config folder and rename the SharedImap.dat file to .old and then close the Administrator console and reopen it.  If this fixes the issue then it means the sharedimap.dat file has something in it that is either corrupt, or just not properly configured.  Once renamed, it will automatically be recreated when the console is closed and reopened. 


This file keeps all of the public folder contents (Names, and settings) seen under the Groupware/Public Folders tab.  In some cases there can be public folders or IMAP folders created that are no longer valid (possibly pointing to non-existing accounts, etc.) which causes the GroupWare service to look for it and throw this error because it cannot fully serve the request.

This should normally resolve the issue, but if this is still being seen then please contact