Upgrading To Version 10 From Past Versions (8 & 9)
Posted by Gary Garber, Last modified by Gary Garber on 02 November 2011 10:29 PM

Upgrading To Version 10.x.x From Older Versions

The upgrade process from older IceWarp versions to the latest 10.x.x versions is mostly the same process as it's been with all versions.  There are a few caveats though that the administrator needs to be prepared for and this is what we will outline below.

There are some major changes and differences between the versions 8/9 and 10.  Most notable are the following:

  • Basic Webmail Removed - In version 10.2.1 the very old and no longer supported basic webmail was removed.  In past versions basic webmail was seen by using "/mail" in the webmail URL.


  • Text Contacts Support Removed - In old versions customers had the option to store contacts in Text format (address.dat files) or in the DB.  In newer versions (9.x and up) the WebClient is totally DB driven for the collaboration pieces and therefore this was removed.


  • Groupware Redesigned - The database housing the Groupware data was changed drastically to incorporate the new additions of Exchange ActiveSync, DAV protocols, and other items so the data structure from versions 8/9 are not recognizable in a version 10 server.  The database containing this older data *must* be upgraded so the tables and data are updated and can be seen on version 10.x.x.

These are the most impacting changes and must be considered before the upgrade.  With this in mind let's go over the steps to take before upgrading.

1. Find out if you have contacts being stored in text files.  To easily do this search for "Address.dat" in the /Merak or IceWarp/Webmail folder.  If finding any then these will need to be converted from text into the database. 

In version 9 and 10 there are scripts to help you convert all the old data from the users Webmail folder to the new locations, and contacts from text to DB.  If you are on version 8 and upgrading and have these address.dat files and wish to preserve the contacts then you would need to do the conversion after the upgrade. 

If already on version 9 then it is recommended to perform the conversion before proceeding with the update.  For complete steps on performing the conversion using the IceWarp scripts please refer to pg.27 in the WebClient Administration Manual available from the URL below.


2.  Backup all data.  Because the Groupware has changed so much it will be impossible to roll back at anytime after performing the upgrade if the database is not backed up before doing the update.  The groupware, mailboxes, and other items are not backed up by the "Backup Settings" option from the administration console as this only takes a backup of the existing system settings, users, and domains and nothing more.  Due to this it is recommended you use a backup application or manual file copy to backup the other vital data. 

The Groupware database can be stored in different databases or locations so you need to find this first.  To do this go to the [Groupware, General] tab in the administration console and open the [DB Settings].  Here it will show you what database is being used.  The two entries below are database IceWarp has used by default in different versions.

Versions 8 and before:

Calendar.mdb which is an MS Access database which means you have a local ODBC connection setup for this. 

Versions 9 and after:

calendar\groupware.db is a SQLite database and is the recommended choice if currently still using MS Access.

If the database shows MySQL, MSSQL or any other 3rd party database then you would need to make sure you take the backup using their own tools, in most cases all DB's should allow you to export/backup the data to a .SQL dump file.

**NOTE** If you are using MySQL, MS Access, or anything other than SQLite then please ensure the syntax and driver are specified properly. When going to the [DB Settings] you will see these fields, if using MySQL then ensure the Syntax is set to this and not "default", this can cause major issues with the upgrade if the syntax is set to default and not the actual type of database being used. 

If you are using either of the SQLite or MS Access databases then by default these are seen in the /IceWarp or Merak/Calendar folder and can be backed up from there manually.

Proceeding to the Upgrade

Now that you have already converted (if applicable) the text contacts to database or know to do this once upgraded and also backed up the Groupware database, settings, and mail you are ready to proceed with the upgrade.  This is assuming the licensing has renewal or update time available.  If you are out of the renewal period please contact sales@icewarp.com.

1.  Download the latest official version from the URL below.


2.  Once downloaded and you are ready to install please stop all services.

3.  Close the administration console.

**Note** If the services and console are open it can cause upgrade errors and many other problems with the upgrade

4.  Begin the installation.

5.  When asked what directory to install the product into it will autodiscover if IceWarp has already been installed and prompt to install into that same directory.  If you point to a new folder it will install fresh and not upgrade the existing installation so you must choose to install into the existing folder that is running IceWarp.

5.  If you are out of the renewal period then you will be asked for your license key / Order ID during the upgrade process, please enter this to complete the installation.

6.  The installation will show you the progress and once completed you can close the dialog box or open the What's New document, or wizard.

If encountering any problem after the upgrade like contacts are not seen, or anything else please contact support@icewarp.com.  As long as you have the data backed up before the upgrade we can also restore this data if needed.