Upgrade to 10.3.x has not finished - upgrade procedures are still running
Posted by Tomas Zubov, Last modified by on 13 June 2011 11:00 AM

If this status lasts for more than three hours (it depends on the size of your databases, but three hours should be enough for any size db) you can terminate the installation

This issue is most likely caused by setting the wrong syntax for some or all databases, meaning that if any of databases is set to use ODBC driver with "Default" as the syntax, the server will not run the upgrades properly. The server reads the "Default" syntax as unknown. 

To fix the problem follow the steps below:

1) Terminate the installation
2) Check that the correct syntax is set for the databases

For AntiSpam, navigate to AntiSpam -> General -> select the general tab -> press the DB Settings... button. The following dialogue window will appear:

Make sure that the correct syntax is being used.

3) Do the same for the GroupWare database

   In console navigate to Groupware -> General -> select general tab -> press DB Settings... button

4) In case you are using a database to store the accounts, check the syntax for account database

   In console navigate to Storage -> select Accounts tab -> press DB Settings... button

If any of databases is set to use default syntax change it to Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle or Firebird according to what kind of system are you using.

Example for MSSQL

Incorrect syntax for MSSQL:

Correct syntax for MSSQL:

When all databases have the syntax set properly, run the following command:

tool upgrade <previous version>


If your previous version was 10.2.2, the command would be: tool upgrade 10.2.2

Note: If you are using "Access" databases, it is strongly recommended to migrate these to SQLite. Access is not a recommended solution for a database.