Syncing the Desktop Client with your Groupware data
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Syncing the Desktop Client with your Groupware data in IceWarp 10

IceWarp Desktop Client is a Windows desktop application combining a mail client, an instant messaging client, an address book and a calendaring application. It can completely replace MS Outlook. Together with IceWarp server, the Desktop Client gives the user a comprehensive set of tools for email, instant messaging and calendaring.

IceWarp users have several choices when it comes to accessing their services . For those who prefer web applications, IceWarp offers its WebClient. Users who prefers traditional desktop applications can use the Desktop Client.

Once you have installed the Destkop Clientand activated the license, setting up your account is simple, especially if you take advantage of SmartDiscovery feature.

    1. Setting up an account with the SmartDiscovery feature enabled

If the SmartDiscovery feature is enabled, just enter your email address and password. IceWarp Desktop client, through SmartDiscover,handles the setup process for you. All features available to the user (such as email, instant messaging and calendaring) will be setup automatically:

Open Account Wizard (Tools – Accounts –New account … select Automatic Detection and fill in the Email address field. In the next step you will be asked for your username (use your email address) and password. That’s all. Your email, instant messaging and calendaring is now set up.


  • Setting up an account manually(Without SmartDiscovery)


Go to Tools – Accounts and click the New Account… button. In Account Wizard select Specific Account Type and choose CalDAV / CardDAV (Calendar, contacts and tasks sharing)

In the next step, choose an Account Name for your account and Account address (URL). The Account Name is arbitrary. On the other hand the Account Address (URL) is strictly specified and must match exactly. For example, if your IceWarp server is hosted at the URL would be

After you click Finish button the Account Wizard will close, and you will be prompted for your User Name and Password. Enter your full email address for the User Name (although you login to any other services like WebClient with only your User Name)

You should now see all your groupware data (Events, Tasks and Contacts) within the IceWarp Desktop Client. Changes made via the Desktop Client will be reflected in the WebClient and vice versa

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