Nested Folders
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Nested Folders (Exchange style) in IceWarp 10

IceWarp allows grouping a user’s shared accounts and Public Folders into a single centralized root folder. The folder tree menu within the WebClient will separate the user’s local folders (Inbox, Events…etc) from shared folders and group Public Folders that the user has been granted access to.

Users who come from an Exchange environment and are used to one centralized root folder will find this configuration familiar.

Navigate to the GroupWare – General tab within theAdministration Console and set the Shared account prefix. The default value is the tilde character (~). With the default value, each and every new shared account will be added to root of the folders on the same level as user’s own folders. To use Nested Folder grouping, set the Shared account prefix to “Nested Folders\” (or any string you prefer, but don’t forget to add the trailing slash).

Now all shared accounts will be stored under Nested Folders:

Specifying the location of a group’s Public Folder

IceWarp server uses group Public Folders as well as shared accounts. A group account can have its own Public Folder. This Public Folder can be stored in Nested Folders as well as the shared accounts. An Administrator needs to define the proper path in the Name field of the group’s Public Folder. For Example:

IceWarp server can be configured to use one centralized folder (Nested Folder), which serves as the root folder for all shared folders (those belonging to shared accounts and group Public Folders). This provides similar functionality to Microsoft Exchange.

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