How to Set up a Firewall Pattern
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Firewall Pattern


In The Icewarp Mail Server, you can create Different patterns that can be used in other parts of the system. An example of this is to create a Firewall Pattern that can be used to block connections from a specific location. (or to allow communication from specific locations). Below are the steps to create this example:

1- Go to Main Menu > System > Advanced > Patterns tab

Firewall Pattern

2- Add a new pattern.
3- name it firewall.
4- In the Items, put the IP address that you want to be part of the pattern there.

Firewall Add Pattern

5- Save.

6- Go to Main Menu > System > Services > "right clck any process" > Properties > Access tab .

7- Check the option to "restrict access to all services"

8- Change the Access type to "deny".

9- In the box for the IP addresses, put in [firewall]save the changes and then restart the SMTP services.

Firewall Pattern Service


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