Configuring Auto Login For Webmail
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Auto Login For Webmail


External login allows you to configure your Webmail in such configuration, that your login form (username & password) could be formatted into any page. For example like quick login from your main website (Ex.

Please note, that bellow information is related to new external login for Webmail which is officially released in version 9.2 of IceWarp server.


External login kit

All you need for external login configuration is since beta version 9.1.1+ in folder: Icewarp\html\webmail\client\_external\


Files location

All files from Icewarp/html/webmail/client/_external/ should be placed in your external site folder structure.



External login configuration



Include the code of this file to the web page you wish to externally log in from into the WebMail Pro interface. No modifications of this file are required.


Edit only the line beginning with:
this.sClientUrl = 'http://localhost:32000/ 
where http://localhost:32000/ should be replaced by URL where Webmail is running and accessible.



ONLY for IceWarp partners and resellers. Allows users to automatically login into demo accounts (disabled by default).

For security reasons, this file has to be renamed to proxy.php.

This file is crucial for external login to work. If this file is not configured correctly, you will not be able to successfully login into WebMail Pro externally.
This file provides redirection from an external site to a running WebMail Pro site.
Lines you need to modify:
$host = "";

$path = "/webmail/server/webmail.php";
$port = 32000;
For $host, enter a short address (hostname) of your WebMail Pro installation (e.g.,
For $path, enter the correct path to webmail/server/webmail.php file. If WebMail is running directly on the host address (, leave the default /webmail/server/webmail.php.
Parameter port is self-explanatory, enter the correct port for your webserver where WebMail Pro is running.



No modifycations to this file are required.

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How to manage skins in WebMail ?


Since version 9.2.

For purposes, when you i.e. would like to use individual logo for each domain running on your IceWarp server, you should follow next steps.


Managing skins in folder structure

go to IceWarp server installation folder\html\webmail\client\skins\skins.xml

If this file is not present in skins directory, please, create one similar to following:


for adding new skin, you should add new line between <item></item> accordingly to folder name, which represents first tag and name is between.


<customSkinFolder>Custom Skin Name</customSkinFolder>


In above mentioned example, I have added new skin, existing in "html\webmail\client\skins\customSkinFolder" folder and named "Custom Skin Name"


WebMail configuration part

After creating an association in folders structure of IceWarp Server installation folder, go to WebMail PRO administration interface and set there new skin in:

Options > Administrator Options > General tab > Global Settings > Skin



For IceWarp Server Version 12 please visit:


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